As Good As It Was

by Hurris & Gig

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released February 18, 2013

All beats by Ante. "You'll Get There" by Mason Brewer. Mixed and mastered by Brisk1ner. Produced by Mason Brewer. Written and performed by Hurris and Gig. Album photo: Tbarton Photography. Album graphics: Annie Wiesenberg.


all rights reserved



Hurris & Gig Salt Lake City, Utah

We are Hurris & Gig. Along with our producer Mason Brewer, we share a passion to create and be a part of great, original music. Being raised in Salt Lake City, the three of us have a unique view on life, music and style that comes from growing up in a town that is largely overlooked. This is not a crew that stumbles through a project or show hoping it goes well. We plan, we practice, we perform. ... more

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Track Name: Ham 'n' Eggs
Hurris: ha ha yeah, yo Gig can I?
Gig: Yo Hurris can I?
Hurris:Can I?
H&G: Can I, Can I, Can I

Hurris: Can I get heck yeah from all my LDS-ers
I pull metaphors like drawers out of dressers
Someone call the paramedic cuz we need 3 stretchers
1 for me and for the beat then 1 for all the (Gig: second guessers)
Always pouted when they doubted now I never think about it
I amounted to a mountain cuz they down there mouthin'
How they're better than a thousand, rappers they should make it over
If you talk a lot not walk the talk (Gig: you'll never take it over)
Everybody wanna know just exactly how we do this
So many punchlines that we givin' instrumentals bruises
And it's got to be a nuisance that I tie it up in nooses
Got a Jet-Li kick that'll prove it and the Jen (ren) Li of Confucius
Even with a stupid flow I still know where my head is
And I'm always stayin' hungry like I haven't eaten breakfast
But it's hard to get you hooked like I'm puttin' on a necklace
But at least one things for sure, that I know you won't forget this

Gig: I... am.. keeping it going I'm leaking the lyrics you're feelin' the rhythm inside of ya bones
Shaking the walls ceiling I'm feeling the neighbors are searching online for a home
Can't deal with the noise annoys investing in soundproof walls and silencing foam
Closing their blinds it's only a matter of time we shattering minds

Hurris: Oh you know that Gig be

Gig: Going ham like pig meat
Hotter in the winter like I'm living in

Hurris: Sydney, Australia I'm tellin' ya

Back to Gig: not stopping till I'm belly up
Statistics unrealistic when I'm in the mood to risk it
It's all gravy on my biscuits
We crackers she like Triscuits
All my words you see she lips it
Hey! Now lets go ballistic
Forming a formula, more abnormal(er)
Atheists and Mormons swarmin'
Saturday morning coffee is pourin'
Foreign to snoring cuz sleeping borin'

Gig: M-A

Hurris: Double L!

Gig: M-A-R-A-U-D

Hurris: E-R!

Gig: Essence of the presence save a stretcher in the (Hurris: E-R)
Shattered both my eardrums, think I need (Hurris: D-R)
Got it on lock down forgot where my (Hurris: keys are)
Tellin' telegraphic visions progress you can graph it
Hope you grasp it, you can't mask it, I will see right through the plastic
Think you got it all together life will snap you like elastic
I made sure I found my passion so I'm smiling in my casket
Hi how ya doin? I'm I between G's (Hurris: what's up?)
Pretty glad you're bout to do it, I, I between D's (Hurris: OK)
Nobody stoppin this unless it's, I between ME!
Got Mase and Hurris with me so in I, I mean WE!!
Yeah you know the Hurris be

Hurris: Goin' in like surgery
You probably never heard of me but now you know with certainty
I beat the beat up unmercifully and leave it like a murder scene
I'm guilty in the third degree (Gig: executed perfectly)
Don't ever have to thank me, can consider this a courtesy
Keep doin' what I'm doin' cuz we always movin' vertically
If ya don't believe it now, stay around and you'll be sure to see
You believe the whole time we didn't even mention currency?
Track Name: Tear Drops
Verse 1 - Gig:

Beauty for the blind
Was nothin short of fine
A quarter to a dime
Asked if I could court a dime
She thanked me for the date
Then I thanked her for the time
And when i spoke my mind
I liked the fact she didn't mind
Fast forward on the clock but I can't delay the smile
I really gotta go but I could stay a while
Without you hours turn to days and a days a while
I'm in a daze from how you phrase and I praise your style
I know at first I was hesitant
I'm shy around the heaven sent
Sleepless dreaming trying to believe it's the truth and it hasn't set
In that it's happening.
Could we live happily?
She said she kinda bugged that she's second to this rappin thing
She said I love it when you rap but
Even more when you're wrappin me
Tightly in your arms with every word I feel it maturing
I said I know I love it
But I'm still in love with the bachelor thing
After dinner passin through the mall shes looking back at rings

Verse 2 - Hurris:

Even with a little tear I never feel brittle dear
I hate it when you go girl I wish that you were living here
We could cuddle up at any time that you want to
And even when I'm upset, you know that I want you
And that how it needs to be, I love it how you needin me
But not every second in a minute everyday
Give me goodbye kisses if I ever go away
And when I come home you know we get together in a hurry
Cuz you know in two days time that I begin another journey
Out on the road somewhere gettin flirty
Not with other women cuz I'm living with a limit
Just a girl I call the world, can't deny I love to hit it
And it's every single night cuz I got a thing for life
And if I really could I would leave the single life
But for now I got you and I love you all the same
Come and live my life with me and we'll get you out the rain

Verse 3 - Hurris:

Don't be afraid, I'll be here for days
Til the sunshine come I'll be the highlight in your grey babe
Anything you see, we can make it yours
Make it we without remorse
Takin me and my support of course
Track Name: Like A Gun ft. Luna Lune
Verse 1 - Hurris:
I told em' I didn't wanna know
They told me I should probably know
Anything and everything that'd fit inside my hollow soul
Everything starts to fall like a row of dominos
Forget about the present now we think how will tomorrow go
With everything we put in
There's no probable way we couldn't
End up with we wanted
How could they be so dishonest
After telling them the truth and everything that we went though
But for some reason I knew that this is what they'd do
But I know, I know that I'll do better
From now on I'll never let up
I know I'm not alone when I say I feel so fed up
With the lies and situations that we all seem to put up with
Be glad with what we have instead of the things stuck with
I know they say stay positive but it's harder than they say it is
To the people who are opposite, re-think cuz you were made for this
And wouldn't it be easier to wish away the pain?
But if all you do is wish then this will never change

Isn't this just natural
Or is this an irrational
Fear that I have but for my sake
I hope that it is actual

Chorus - Luna Lune
Like a gun I hold you cold in my hands
Pull the trigger gonna run
But it's gonna catch you faster than you know I can
Like a gun I hold you cold in my hands
As I tremble, as I shake, I feel you take
My heart away cuz you know you can

Verse 2 - Gig:
Told me it was meant to be
How you'd feel when you mention me
And how you knew that it was real
Eyes would talk, lips were sealed
Fell for 100 stories, fallin 100 stories
Thought I knew it all, I predicted it poorly
Surely they wouldn't let me fall
I fell for all that they told me
Hold me, in the palm of your hand
See how long I could stand
Actin like you can't understand
But I see it's all in your plan
Watch me but don't stop me as it all comes clear
I knew I knew it but I didn't wanna listen to my fear
Wish I could see the end, my destruction was that what I defend
The closest to my soul passed you, not a contender
In denial of myself because I see you're a pretender
Proceed with what I want to hear
Tell me just how I want to feel
Done with that, movin on
I thought it'd work I'm provin wrong
Go around in circles now I see why I'm a target
Wish I would've known this when I started
Wouldn't have left myself unguarded



Outro - Luna Lune:
Just run away, just run away
My heart will fade, my heart will fade
Just run away, just run away
My heart will fade
My heart will fade
Track Name: Captain Crunch Time
Verse 1 - Gig:
Complacent and basic minds
It's time you replace your mind
I'm drawing a masterpiece
You're retracing the basic lines
Should rehash and erase ya lines
Slow down yeah you should take ya time
Come back then you will shake their minds
Couldn't kill beats now I Jason mine
Feel the pace of my racing mind
Me and dreads got adjacent minds
We got stupidity's remedy
Bringing back energy
Me and my flow we are two separate entities
Feeds on reality multiplies cemetery
He is Lee Oswald you are John Kennedy
Shattering minds is a too common tendency
Painting a picture you cannot pretend to see
Up! Before the sun this year it hasn't beat me one time
I'll be done with lunch, you'll be milk and captain crunch time
Gotta enough flavor in a punch line
I could probably feed a lunch line
And enough rhythm I could probably fill in on a drum line
Off rhythm awareness, you should be informed with fairness
Cuz it's devastating your mistaking flawlessness for careless
Stick to a tempo you can afford
Driving the Tempo like it's a Ford
Never give up like an Accord
Miniscule tempos now I'm bored

Chorus - Gig:
If ya don't know who we are, it's about time that ya did
Who are we? Who are you? Man we're Hurris and Gig!
It's about time that we got what we came here to get
So everybody move that's in the way, this right here is it

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Yeah yeah, I know you know, even if you don't know us
Hurris & Gig are in effect now the internet will go nuts
Trust me when I say that I know you don't know much
But you're about to find out some things
That are gonna make your dome bust
Plus what's not to like about the numero uno duo
I'm not saying I'm the best but for the sake of rhyme i Judo
Chop! All these beats to pieces so you know who H&G is
And if music religion then I guess that I'm a theist
So where are my evangelists
If you think that you can handle this
Peace to the beat that made this heat
That Ante made the sample with
If you don't think that you can then I suggest that you get on it
Right before the whole unplanned fan bandwagon want it
I turn it up when it's time to go and the time to go is now
I'm dropping a bomb, you're dropping your jaw
Like I blew it up in your mouth
Like how did he do it, like you knew it
Stupid, prove it off of the blogosphere
Probably one of the ones who say we're the hottest here

Track Name: Ode ft. Steve Times

Steve Times: I never wanna hear you say, that we never gonna make it
Came across another chance today, yeah you know we gonna take it
Hurris: Never would of thought that this would happen but it did we made it man
On top of it all and if you knew then let me see you raise your hand...
Up! Get em up, get em up!
Steve Times: We gonna murk this, we gonna murk this yeah

Verse 1 - Hurris:
Back in the day when you thought I couldn't
Wouldn't, shouldn't, I'm not good and
Dope enough to do what I did and do today
But I'm done with pussyfootin'
Tried to shut the door before on me
But I put my foot in
You just see results
You don't get to see all the work that's put in
Hoping that it's good enough
Stressing over perfectness
But now I know without a doubt
We are really murkin' this
From everybody coming up
Telling me they heard of us
Never gonna give or let up
Yup, absolutely merciless
And everybody that's up in the spot
They gotta be like (who they who they)
Then after the song is done
They gonna be like (hooray hooray)
And to keep it real with you I know I would've thought the same
I would've changed my mind like you only if you got a brain
Brain, brain, give me that.. knowledge and a fifty stack
Of books so I can read em, give me the greens so I can eat em
Then I'll exercise my freedom, give excuses I don't need em
Cuz all I wanna do is kill a beat
And run it 'til I can't feel my feet


Verse 2 - Gig:
Enthused in the process
In the.. process of progress
Not a cubicle could box this
Cuz I'm allergic to an office
Now I got so much on my order plate
That I cannot afford to hate
Never do sleep can't afford to wait
Because I got so much more to make
Anticipating my obstacles
Cuz history repeats itself
Never do stop to celebrate that's how victory defeats itself
Evolve and adapt to beat myself
Don't know what I have then I cheat myself.
Can't go back to repeat myself
Create a new me delete myself
Never can stop I'm a freight line
No breaks never take breaks when I break minds
Open up blinds for the blind when I take time
Make time stop... at a stand still
And I stand still came from the bottom
But I rose out the landfill
Man we'll make it if we keep on track
Hard to keep track when I leak facts
Where's the beat at? Bring the beat back
Purpose is to murk it
Not stoppin till it's perfect
Deep as the core of the earth is
And that's really just the surface.
Wouldn't it work out?
It would be fine.
If I worked the way I was designed.
But I can't chill I can't recline
Because murk is what I define
Peace sign.

Track Name: You'll Get There ft. Luna Lune & Steve Times
Verse 1 - Gig:
I kept pushin when I thought I'd burn out
Glad when they called my name I didn't sit my turn out
Glad I stuck around just to see it all turn out
I'm at the top of a mountain that I couldn't surmount
Never gave in
When the world caved in
Went outside the box when I wanna stay in
Settled with my past let the light l race in
On occasions, it doesn't fit equations
Now this is my moment and
You could never take it
No longer mistaken
It's here because i make it
Diagnosed with a complex
But beauty is complex
Don't waste time on context
You could be gone next
So if you are in it
Live it without limits
Used to let the days pass now I seize the minute
Believe in what you are
Be leavin' what you're not
Be heard with what you say,
It's all you really got

Steve Times/Luna Lune: So please, please, please
Gig: Nah, don't tell me I'm gone
I'm straight takin' this provin' em all wrong
Even though I'm on the ground, been here all along
Steve Times/Luna Lune: And don't look back
Gig: Hey! ain't nothin' back here
Gotta a whole lotta problems that belong in last year
Leave the past in the past, and move on

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Anything you want man, you can make it yours
I know how you feel when you see shut doors
You wanna give up (up), you wanna let go (go)
But ya gotta get up (up) from the get go
What ya gonna do when the sky falls down?
One time had it all but not at all now
And that is the thing that we all fear
But we gotta take advantage while we're all here
So take a look around and see what surrounds you
All in your mind is what it come down to
Take a little time and see what it allows you
Give a little try and see what it amounts to
I know it's easier said than done
But that's all we got by the setting sun
Our time is limited it's all what you're givin' it
Let me see you get it up if everyone is livin' it


Bridge - Steve Times/Luna Lune:
If you're alone tonight
And all the dreams you had are far away
Maybe it's hard to see
Down the road, down the road
But you'll get there

Track Name: Morbid
Verse 1 - Gig:
The beat put out its misery
Fedex can't match delivery
Surpassing an emcee now I tap into wizardry
Absolute I show attributes of the realms that I tap into
I up the degrees, you're bachelors I just mastered you
I serve it like mansion food
Down to earth you could ask a root
On the beat so much passion dude
I'm feelin Charles Manson rude
Addressing the beat in a deadly fashion
I'm dressing the beat in a casket suit
You're just mad cuz I'm faster too
At the booth I'm after truth
Passed truth in a class of liars
Surpassing fire we're passin fire
Gas and fire we crash empires
Go get a pacifier
Blistering competition
With listerine composition
A hitman with percision
The beat is gon' come up missin
Not missin a beat I speak it with not any inconsistencies
School you with deepness like a group of fish that consist in seas
Not a dead beat, I make beats dead
"All of my lines," that's what she said
She said...

Hurris: Gig you always killin beats why ya gotta be so morbid
Gig: Hurris make it viral can't ignore it you absorb it
We're "T" to the "W"
Hurris: "O" can they double you?
Gig: Nah, they can't imitate
Hurris: Got more drive than an interstate

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Sometimes I can't sleep, thoughts are scattered and distorted
Man you always killin beats why you got to be so morbid
But you never give us deets like are you really Mormon?
If you are I don't believe it cuz they way you are performin
No way you are humble dude, ok let me humble you
The way I live my life will absolutely trouble you
Like how did he get this way?
Get no debt, yet it's a puzzle to
Me and the way things are goin think we gonna get a "W"
So step back get that thing you can't imagine havin'
You can have it if you have a passion
Don't let Gig get a breath in he resembles dragons
Gig: Are you tired yet? From the fire breath
And I think we about to blow up don't forget about that wire set
But let it trip let em get everything the wanted
Even though they didn't want it we gave it to em anyway
We been doing this all night I can't believe that it's already day
But I get no sleep on the weekend so no need to keep the bedding made

Track Name: Pink & Blue
Verse 1 - Gig:
Early to bed, early to rise
Making a man wealthy and wise
Early to bed, that is a lie
Before the sun rise, I open my eyes
Is it okay if we go for a ride? Let's take my car
She said yeah just take me far
Watch the sun erase the stars
For now I'm seizing the morning
Watching the sun as it pouring
Over the mountains and into my town
The Park Cafe yeah she's down
She's got beauty with no make up
Make other girls look like clowns
She's flawless without bounds
Waffles, eggs, hash browns
We drown as the sunrise illuminates the valley
She moved here from SF and now she forgot about Cali
Through the canyon it's never wrong
And she got my sweater on
Find a view, park it
And my hood is what I set her on
The silence is amplified
All the things I feel inside
Magnificence is magnified
Imaginations run and hide
Like that yeah it's here and gone
But I know that it won't be long
Until it's Saturday again
Til then you can play this song

Chorus - Hurris:
Remind me of an early morning
Waking up, getting ready
All the troubles of the world
Stacking up, getting heavy
But you need to forget
Got things you need to go get
Aye it's your job to know this
So that's why I stay focused

Verse 2 - Hurris:
What a morning it is wake up so I got to take advantage
Take the day off get some breakfast cuz I'm feeling really famished
From the work week, I sure need
Someone that will perk me
Up right away but who it gonna be when it is so early?
Get outta bed, call up
Tell her no need to get dolled up
She said on one condition
As long as we don't go to the mall love
Then I said of course not
We don't need a store to shop
In, when it's seventy degrees
Just to be with you sounds heavenly to me
Then she'll see, what my plan is
We'll vanish, somewhere up the canyons
Where we get the vantage, so we can see the skyline
On top of the world, uh huh you read my mind
I better think of something so I can keep you entertained
Not even a question, when everything has been arranged
I know it's a bit cold but I can be your blanket baby
Best morning ever but you don't need to thank me baby

Track Name: It's All Over
Verse 1 - Gig:
I had the earth, stars, the moon all in my grasp
Thought I knew it all so much I never had to ask
For anything didn't know what people need it for
Had the world in my hands then it hit a meteor
Lost life's vigor motivating for the leading score
It's all over I don't understand what we're competing for
Stoppin's not an option
Even when it's game over
But sometimes it's so hard you cant repeat the pain over
So you run around in circles
Inner fears cause interference
Magnify situations way passed their appearance
God gave me choice and I chose to choose nothing
I don't know what I have but I still lose something
The people see it in me, think about it every night
Doesn't matter what they see I gotta see I carry light
My spirits getting lower than the tone of Barry White
And my life's feeling colder than a February night

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Inspiration's everywhere from the sky to the sea
All of it is nothing 'til it's something you see
Learned a lot more than a clap back when they all booed me
But now I'm coming back with an attack that's a doozy
Where would I be if I stopped when music bruised me?
A nobody nowhere feeling like I'm doody
Always getting stepped on and everybody shoe (shoo) me
And to be completely honest I hated when no one knew me
But now I couldn't care less cuz I turned into a new me
Obsession with progression and I constantly improve me
Feeling like a million even when I'm losing
It's got to be confusing we never give up pursuing
It's all about the mindset, they asking if I'm tired yet
All of it would be for nothing even with all the time spent
Writing these raps and writing these rhythms
This man is out but he hopes that you ride with him

Verse 3/Bridge - Repeat 2x
I know, I know (I know, I know)
That I can see (that I can see)
Now everywhere we go we can see it all over
So we will never ever think that this is all over

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