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Verse 1 - Gig:
The beat put out its misery
Fedex can't match delivery
Surpassing an emcee now I tap into wizardry
Absolute I show attributes of the realms that I tap into
I up the degrees, you're bachelors I just mastered you
I serve it like mansion food
Down to earth you could ask a root
On the beat so much passion dude
I'm feelin Charles Manson rude
Addressing the beat in a deadly fashion
I'm dressing the beat in a casket suit
You're just mad cuz I'm faster too
At the booth I'm after truth
Passed truth in a class of liars
Surpassing fire we're passin fire
Gas and fire we crash empires
Go get a pacifier
Blistering competition
With listerine composition
A hitman with percision
The beat is gon' come up missin
Not missin a beat I speak it with not any inconsistencies
School you with deepness like a group of fish that consist in seas
Not a dead beat, I make beats dead
"All of my lines," that's what she said
She said...

Hurris: Gig you always killin beats why ya gotta be so morbid
Gig: Hurris make it viral can't ignore it you absorb it
We're "T" to the "W"
Hurris: "O" can they double you?
Gig: Nah, they can't imitate
Hurris: Got more drive than an interstate

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Sometimes I can't sleep, thoughts are scattered and distorted
Man you always killin beats why you got to be so morbid
But you never give us deets like are you really Mormon?
If you are I don't believe it cuz they way you are performin
No way you are humble dude, ok let me humble you
The way I live my life will absolutely trouble you
Like how did he get this way?
Get no debt, yet it's a puzzle to
Me and the way things are goin think we gonna get a "W"
So step back get that thing you can't imagine havin'
You can have it if you have a passion
Don't let Gig get a breath in he resembles dragons
Gig: Are you tired yet? From the fire breath
And I think we about to blow up don't forget about that wire set
But let it trip let em get everything the wanted
Even though they didn't want it we gave it to em anyway
We been doing this all night I can't believe that it's already day
But I get no sleep on the weekend so no need to keep the bedding made



from As Good As It Was, released February 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Hurris & Gig Salt Lake City, Utah

We are Hurris & Gig. Along with our producer Mason Brewer, we share a passion to create and be a part of great, original music. Being raised in Salt Lake City, the three of us have a unique view on life, music and style that comes from growing up in a town that is largely overlooked. This is not a crew that stumbles through a project or show hoping it goes well. We plan, we practice, we perform. ... more

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