Captain Crunch Time

from by Hurris & Gig

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Verse 1 - Gig:
Complacent and basic minds
It's time you replace your mind
I'm drawing a masterpiece
You're retracing the basic lines
Should rehash and erase ya lines
Slow down yeah you should take ya time
Come back then you will shake their minds
Couldn't kill beats now I Jason mine
Feel the pace of my racing mind
Me and dreads got adjacent minds
We got stupidity's remedy
Bringing back energy
Me and my flow we are two separate entities
Feeds on reality multiplies cemetery
He is Lee Oswald you are John Kennedy
Shattering minds is a too common tendency
Painting a picture you cannot pretend to see
Up! Before the sun this year it hasn't beat me one time
I'll be done with lunch, you'll be milk and captain crunch time
Gotta enough flavor in a punch line
I could probably feed a lunch line
And enough rhythm I could probably fill in on a drum line
Off rhythm awareness, you should be informed with fairness
Cuz it's devastating your mistaking flawlessness for careless
Stick to a tempo you can afford
Driving the Tempo like it's a Ford
Never give up like an Accord
Miniscule tempos now I'm bored

Chorus - Gig:
If ya don't know who we are, it's about time that ya did
Who are we? Who are you? Man we're Hurris and Gig!
It's about time that we got what we came here to get
So everybody move that's in the way, this right here is it

Verse 2 - Hurris:
Yeah yeah, I know you know, even if you don't know us
Hurris & Gig are in effect now the internet will go nuts
Trust me when I say that I know you don't know much
But you're about to find out some things
That are gonna make your dome bust
Plus what's not to like about the numero uno duo
I'm not saying I'm the best but for the sake of rhyme i Judo
Chop! All these beats to pieces so you know who H&G is
And if music religion then I guess that I'm a theist
So where are my evangelists
If you think that you can handle this
Peace to the beat that made this heat
That Ante made the sample with
If you don't think that you can then I suggest that you get on it
Right before the whole unplanned fan bandwagon want it
I turn it up when it's time to go and the time to go is now
I'm dropping a bomb, you're dropping your jaw
Like I blew it up in your mouth
Like how did he do it, like you knew it
Stupid, prove it off of the blogosphere
Probably one of the ones who say we're the hottest here



from As Good As It Was, released February 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Hurris & Gig Salt Lake City, Utah

We are Hurris & Gig. Along with our producer Mason Brewer, we share a passion to create and be a part of great, original music. Being raised in Salt Lake City, the three of us have a unique view on life, music and style that comes from growing up in a town that is largely overlooked. This is not a crew that stumbles through a project or show hoping it goes well. We plan, we practice, we perform. ... more

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