Like A Gun ft. Luna Lune

from by Hurris & Gig

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Verse 1 - Hurris:
I told em' I didn't wanna know
They told me I should probably know
Anything and everything that'd fit inside my hollow soul
Everything starts to fall like a row of dominos
Forget about the present now we think how will tomorrow go
With everything we put in
There's no probable way we couldn't
End up with we wanted
How could they be so dishonest
After telling them the truth and everything that we went though
But for some reason I knew that this is what they'd do
But I know, I know that I'll do better
From now on I'll never let up
I know I'm not alone when I say I feel so fed up
With the lies and situations that we all seem to put up with
Be glad with what we have instead of the things stuck with
I know they say stay positive but it's harder than they say it is
To the people who are opposite, re-think cuz you were made for this
And wouldn't it be easier to wish away the pain?
But if all you do is wish then this will never change

Isn't this just natural
Or is this an irrational
Fear that I have but for my sake
I hope that it is actual

Chorus - Luna Lune
Like a gun I hold you cold in my hands
Pull the trigger gonna run
But it's gonna catch you faster than you know I can
Like a gun I hold you cold in my hands
As I tremble, as I shake, I feel you take
My heart away cuz you know you can

Verse 2 - Gig:
Told me it was meant to be
How you'd feel when you mention me
And how you knew that it was real
Eyes would talk, lips were sealed
Fell for 100 stories, fallin 100 stories
Thought I knew it all, I predicted it poorly
Surely they wouldn't let me fall
I fell for all that they told me
Hold me, in the palm of your hand
See how long I could stand
Actin like you can't understand
But I see it's all in your plan
Watch me but don't stop me as it all comes clear
I knew I knew it but I didn't wanna listen to my fear
Wish I could see the end, my destruction was that what I defend
The closest to my soul passed you, not a contender
In denial of myself because I see you're a pretender
Proceed with what I want to hear
Tell me just how I want to feel
Done with that, movin on
I thought it'd work I'm provin wrong
Go around in circles now I see why I'm a target
Wish I would've known this when I started
Wouldn't have left myself unguarded



Outro - Luna Lune:
Just run away, just run away
My heart will fade, my heart will fade
Just run away, just run away
My heart will fade
My heart will fade


from As Good As It Was, released February 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Hurris & Gig Salt Lake City, Utah

We are Hurris & Gig. Along with our producer Mason Brewer, we share a passion to create and be a part of great, original music. Being raised in Salt Lake City, the three of us have a unique view on life, music and style that comes from growing up in a town that is largely overlooked. This is not a crew that stumbles through a project or show hoping it goes well. We plan, we practice, we perform. ... more

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