Ham 'n' Eggs

from by Hurris & Gig

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Hurris: ha ha yeah, yo Gig can I?
Gig: Yo Hurris can I?
Hurris:Can I?
H&G: Can I, Can I, Can I

Hurris: Can I get heck yeah from all my LDS-ers
I pull metaphors like drawers out of dressers
Someone call the paramedic cuz we need 3 stretchers
1 for me and for the beat then 1 for all the (Gig: second guessers)
Always pouted when they doubted now I never think about it
I amounted to a mountain cuz they down there mouthin'
How they're better than a thousand, rappers they should make it over
If you talk a lot not walk the talk (Gig: you'll never take it over)
Everybody wanna know just exactly how we do this
So many punchlines that we givin' instrumentals bruises
And it's got to be a nuisance that I tie it up in nooses
Got a Jet-Li kick that'll prove it and the Jen (ren) Li of Confucius
Even with a stupid flow I still know where my head is
And I'm always stayin' hungry like I haven't eaten breakfast
But it's hard to get you hooked like I'm puttin' on a necklace
But at least one things for sure, that I know you won't forget this

Gig: I... am.. keeping it going I'm leaking the lyrics you're feelin' the rhythm inside of ya bones
Shaking the walls ceiling I'm feeling the neighbors are searching online for a home
Can't deal with the noise annoys investing in soundproof walls and silencing foam
Closing their blinds it's only a matter of time we shattering minds

Hurris: Oh you know that Gig be

Gig: Going ham like pig meat
Hotter in the winter like I'm living in

Hurris: Sydney, Australia I'm tellin' ya

Back to Gig: not stopping till I'm belly up
Statistics unrealistic when I'm in the mood to risk it
It's all gravy on my biscuits
We crackers she like Triscuits
All my words you see she lips it
Hey! Now lets go ballistic
Forming a formula, more abnormal(er)
Atheists and Mormons swarmin'
Saturday morning coffee is pourin'
Foreign to snoring cuz sleeping borin'

Gig: M-A

Hurris: Double L!

Gig: M-A-R-A-U-D

Hurris: E-R!

Gig: Essence of the presence save a stretcher in the (Hurris: E-R)
Shattered both my eardrums, think I need (Hurris: D-R)
Got it on lock down forgot where my (Hurris: keys are)
Tellin' telegraphic visions progress you can graph it
Hope you grasp it, you can't mask it, I will see right through the plastic
Think you got it all together life will snap you like elastic
I made sure I found my passion so I'm smiling in my casket
Hi how ya doin? I'm I between G's (Hurris: what's up?)
Pretty glad you're bout to do it, I, I between D's (Hurris: OK)
Nobody stoppin this unless it's, I between ME!
Got Mase and Hurris with me so in I, I mean WE!!
Yeah you know the Hurris be

Hurris: Goin' in like surgery
You probably never heard of me but now you know with certainty
I beat the beat up unmercifully and leave it like a murder scene
I'm guilty in the third degree (Gig: executed perfectly)
Don't ever have to thank me, can consider this a courtesy
Keep doin' what I'm doin' cuz we always movin' vertically
If ya don't believe it now, stay around and you'll be sure to see
You believe the whole time we didn't even mention currency?


from As Good As It Was, released February 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Hurris & Gig Salt Lake City, Utah

We are Hurris & Gig. Along with our producer Mason Brewer, we share a passion to create and be a part of great, original music. Being raised in Salt Lake City, the three of us have a unique view on life, music and style that comes from growing up in a town that is largely overlooked. This is not a crew that stumbles through a project or show hoping it goes well. We plan, we practice, we perform. ... more

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